What Class Should I Attend First?

what classIf you wish to participate in the activities at the center, we recommend that you begin with one of our General Program classes (GP). The General Program includes the following:  Sunday Morning Advice for Life, Thursday Night General Program, & Meditation for Children which are both suitable for newcomers. We also offer a Monthly Introductory Open House the third Tuesday of the month, a Learn to Meditate monthly introduction and mini-retreat, as well as regular Weekend Workshops and Retreats which are open to everyone.

If you cannot attend classes at our Buddhist Temple in central Tucson we offer General Program classes in NW TucsonWilmot/Speedway, Broadway/Kolb, Green Valley, and Sierra Vista.

Altogether, we have two different levels of programs, all based on the books of Ven. Geshe Kelsang Gyatso: the General Program which is open to everyone and the Foundation Program (FP), for those who wish to study systematically and in greater depth.

You are also welcome to attend the Chanted Prayers and Meditations that are held at the Main Center daily. See the Calendar for times.