What to Expect at a Class



Introductory classes at Kadampa Meditation Center Arizona begin with short chanted prayers to create good conditions for our practice followed by a simple guided meditation exercise to reduce stress, tension, and distractions.

This short meditation is followed by a talk on how to apply Buddhist principles into daily life. This may include topics such as improving relationships, gaining peace of mind, learning to love, and dealing with anger, and includes a question and answer period.

Finally, there is a second short guided meditation designed to help us gain deeper experience of the subject of the class.

What classes should I start with?

The 10am Sunday meditations,  the 7pm Tuesday evening classes, or the Thursday morning class with Resident Teacher Gen Kelsang Lingpur are all easy ways to learn about meditation and Buddhist philosophy. These classes are at Kadampa Meditation Center Arizona and are perfect conditions for you to bring peace into your busy life. Or visit one of our neighborhood classes. You don’t need to call ahead as all the classes are drop-in and have a different topic each week. They are designed to accommodate those that are coming for the first time.

After the class

After the class there is a chance to meet the meditation teacher, share refreshments or simply enjoy the company of the other participants.

What do I need to do to attend?

You do not need any previous experience to attend these classes. Also, you do not need to pre-register. Simply come to the class!

Why not come along and see for yourself what meditation can do for you? Everyone is welcome, regardless of background or beliefs. You don’t need to be a Buddhist to enjoy meditation. You will be joining people from all walks of life. Dress comfortably. Most people sit on regular chairs. We remove our shoes in the meditation room.

Introductory Videos

Click on the titles below to view videos on:

The Benefits of Meditation
Dealing With Stress
Improving Relationships